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The Wastes RC1 Milestone
Author: Josh Coyne
Fri Dec 6 00:00:00 UTC 2002

Time for another neighborhood friendly news post. We have reached a milestone in RC1, Absolutely all the weapons are done!!! Akimbos were finished this week with no major hiccups. From here I want to work on finalizing the VGUI and HUD to finish up another major part of the game experience. I know some of you guys want some screenshots because we havent showed any in quite a while. This weekend I will be at a lan in Ohio and will be playtesting the game with roughly 20 other people, and will make a slew of screenshots for you guys. Then after the new HUD is complete i will release yet another batch of screenshots for everyone to see.

We as a development team have also made a decision. We have set an internal release date, just like a major game house. Instead of saying "when its done" we will have RC1 complete by this date, wether feature complete or not, so we may be dropping a few features in favor of implementing them in another patch. Nothing too major, but be noted that Mixed akimbo weapons will NOT be making it in RC1, but they might make a comeback in a patch. While I dont feel too comfortable telling you guys the release timeframe be noted it will be before the snow melts off the ground this winter.


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