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Status Update
Author: Josh Coyne
Thu Jan 23 00:00:00 UTC 2003

Well, time to give a status update. First off, I want to sort of delay the Open Source for a bit. For those of you who dont know the team is planning to open source the project, but it wont happen just yet. I would like to open source the mod once RC1 is released however so the community can decide how they want to support the project; but I want a solid ground for you guys to play in the event that no one will continue the work.

The team needs sound artists and player modellers. These are the last 2 things required media wise for us to release that the current team cant fulfill on their own. Any applicants can simply email me and please provide reference material, preferably as a web link so I can download and review what you made. Sound artists will be tasked to finish up sounding the reload and firing sounds on the weaponry; so if you have done that work please show me an example of a reload sound at least on a weapon, if you wish to do player models I just would like to see a player model. Animations arent required as we will be using common animations across the board and those are almost done. If you wish to see what sounds are left to do check out this link. For player models we just want a decent variety of post apocalyptic warriors, wether inspired by post apoc media or your own creation.


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