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Happy 15th Birthday The Wastes!
Author: Gethyn ThomasQuail
Mon Apr 13 04:47:04 UTC 2015

A historic day for The Wastes...

Fifteen years ago, The Wastes (then known as Wasteland Half-Life) fell upon this world like a ruthless warhead. It's ok if you forgot, for we haven't even thrown a party...yet. So why don't you join a few games of The Wastes on WON2 or Steam, or perhaps remember the times you bashed heads open with your sledgehammer on 56k. While you're having nostalgia, we're happy to tell you that something is cooking up. Sadly it's not ready, and even if you played years ago you have to wait like everyone else, but later this week we have something historic of our own to show. We hope you will love it. In other late news, we have added all the old releases of The Wastes so they're now properly archived for the modern era. Till then, Happy 15th Birthday The Wastes!

Throwing a molotov in Wasteland Half-Life 2.0 Beta.

Maneuvering around in wl_shaft.

Forgotten character renders of Gustavo and Dieter.

Mena charging with a sledge hammer on The Wastes RC 1.4.

In the depths of Ramshackle.


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