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  The Regulators are most alike the Raiders, but also their greatest foes. The Regulators seek to bring order and law to the Wastes, at any cost. But they see the military as a failed regime, lost to the time before the Wastes. Now is a time when communities need to protect themselves against outsiders. The Regulators have taken control of as many resources as they could find, and now they seek to wage a war against the other factions of the Wastes - for the good of their communities.

  Colorado survived the apocalypse without leaving his home.  The south Texas town he belonged to was so far from the drop zones that it was ten years before the winds brought fallout to the borders.  He had already been town sheriff and the other survivors in the town and those that drifted in saw him as a leader.
  However, his stern rules and disposition caused some disdain, and soon he found himself struggling to hold power in the small village.  The opponents were quickly silenced by Colorado's loyal force of Regulators.
  The town expanded and more survivors came to flee from the waves of radiation storms and hostile raiders.  The Regulators branched outward to other start-up communities and began deals for protection for trade.

  Mason doesn't talk much, let alone about himself. What is known though, is that he was an orphan or perhaps estranged. The only ones who took in the poor weeping child was a fearsome biker gang who made a name for themselves long before the bombs fell. One prominent member, a daunting man with a golden heart, took a liking to him probably because he reminded him of his late son.
  Tragically, his adoptive father was ruthlessly killed when they took a quick stop on their search for resources, all for his motorcyle. Fortunately for Mason, he was in Regulator's territory, with Frank catching and then giving the thief-turned-murderer a similar ruthless fate, if not even more cruel. Mason, having been one of the last of a dying gang and always being loyal, he couldn't help but join the Regulators, regardless of what they stood for.

  Reese may have been born into a family of lawmen, but she was far from the ideal daughter. Your average rebellious teenager, she gave her parents constant grief. They may have never been able to steer Reese into the life they had hoped for her, but when you lose everything, people have a funny way of dealing with that loss.
  It seems Reese's way of coping was seeing this as a new lease on life. She had lost her way, but it was time to go back to her roots and continue the family heritage. She got that chance soon enough when she met Colorado after a run-in with the Ronin Nomads, or maybe it was the USMC...
  To her it didn't matter, as Colorado's approach to law and order brought back the memories of her parents. She instantly knew where her loyalty lied, especially after seeing who was on the other side.

  According to Salvador himself, he was the best sheriff in Mexico. In fact, he was so good that he claims there was little to no crime left, apparently. Mexico was largely unaffected by the war, so it wasn't too difficult to take back control. Looking for a real challenge with wild land to tame, he set off north and soon found himself in Regulator territory.
  Funnily enough, it was Colorado he ran into who was in the middle of performing an execution, specifically a hanging. When asked who these men were and what their crime was, Colorado simply stated they were a bunch of "thugs" who were repeat offenders. Salvador recognized one of the men, and expressed how he has been chasing this criminal for months.
  Colorado deputized him on the spot and Salvador did the honors of throwing the lever on the gallows. The men knew immediately they had found their equals, and a new addition to the family.


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