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  The Raiders claim that the Wastes were caused by the lack of vigilance in the people of this land. Their press-gangs scour the lands for recruits. Operating under Colonel J.T. McLean, the USMC Raiders see the only hope for a viable future in the Wastes is under his leadership. Lone groups will die, unless they join the Raiders. The USMC is all - all else is chaos.

  Big Tony is a straightforward fellow, and has a reputation for his preference of getting to the point. Unfortunately for most of the waste's denizens, Tony's points usually don't feel very good, and can often carry long term side effects such as nausea, concussions, comas, fractured vertebrae, and other similar mysterious medical anomalies.
  Despite not having an etiquette enriched attitude, Tony is favored highly by the McLean, and serves as his right-hand man. As far as right-hand men go, Tony is very handy with his, and has routinely awestruck others by trudging into a firefight with nothing but a grotesquely large sledgehammer. Even as such, Tony was a highly trained marine, and is more than capable of holding his own should firearms enter the equation.

  With the promise of paid education and some action, Kali easily found herself being a recruit of the US Army. Sadly, her future college became vapor overnight, and was stationed in a deathtrap engulfed by fallout. Defying orders, she escaped, but without resources or another soul in sight, it seemed as if she had met her untimely demise.
  Her luck changed when two odd strangers found her borderline unconscious. The shorter one with hair introduced himself as Colonel McLean, he was with his right hand Big Tony of course. Being skeptical, McLean interrogated Kali on her rank, where she was stationed, even requesting the military alphabet backwards.
  After expending most of her remaining energy to humor him, he was immediately impressed, proclaiming she was clearly a "good" and "loyal" American and that the president needs more people like her. They seemed kind of kooky at first, but considering it wasn't too different from boot camp, it reminded her of the good old days.

  Insanity, charisma and ambition make a dangerous mix. Traits that Colonel J.T. McLean has nurtured into a drive for power. His band of happy soldiers enforce their regimental policy on USMC controlled territories.
  McLean has a running ad campaign. He considers himself a canidate for presidency and is forcing the locals to vote in a one sided ballot. He claims that any government should have rightfully elected officials, this is a democracy god-damn-it!...
  Well I didn't vote for him.

  With a gung-ho all-American siege mentality, Seal-Bob is a fanatical survivor of the war, his loyalties with the country he believes to still be thriving unbreakable. An elitist and weapons specialist, Seal-Bob was part of a biohazard unit dispatched during the chemical warfare segment of the conflict, and is the sole survivor of his unit. Now he fights alongside his USMC comrades, one of the few remaining seals in the world. Some say that the war drove him crazy; others think he breached the safety of his chemical suit because he 'got hot'.


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