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  The Vagrants came from the East, looking for a better place to live, or in some cases, die. They were aimless, and were left defenseless against the Wastes' bandits and endless supply of villains. Their numbers dwindled to near-nothing, until The Admiral came. He united the Vagrants, armed them, gave them hope. Now, under his leadership, they continue moving West, searching for the promised land - a land where they will be safe, and they may again live a good life.

  The Admiral was there when the launch codes were entered, so it's only natural that he feels somewhat responsible.  He survived the first wave of destruction in an underground bunker with many other important Americans.  When half of the installation collapsed, ceasing their food supply, the president was the first to turn to cannibalism.  Soon the bunker became a raving madhouse of insane cannibals.  The Admiral escaped them, and sealed them shut in their bunker to remain eternally entombed.
  He set about exploring the rest of the decimated world, first escaping from the highly irradiated D.C..  His military training kept him alive, and seeing his strength, others began to follow him.  He now leads The Vagrants in a quest for a better way of life.  A life far from the jaded past and the bleak present.

  Once a recruit of the USMC Raiders, Idaho has detached and joined up with The Vagrants, hoping to find use of his abilities after his banishment. Idaho is a crack shot, as well as being handy with his sidearms. Prior to the war, he spent many years as a survivalist in the foothills, and so it is only natural that now he fights among the best of them for survival in the wastes- Darwinism receiving a shot to the rear.

  Mena once lived in a thriving start-up town that's revenue came from knowledge of lost technology.  Outsiders became jealous.  The town burned and the survivors abandoned it.

  Despite his intimidating looks, Vincent is a good natured man.  His life has been plagued with hardship after hardship, and his body has been tempered so.  But he has somehow sustained, and so has his good nature.  Although, this doesn't stop him from using his obvious physical capabilities to gain an edge in a fight.


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