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Wasteland Half-Life Beta 1 Release Date: 4/17/2000
Author: Adam Schwaninger
Tue Apr 11 00:00:00 UTC 2000

We are awaiting one final sound update and that's it, kiddies. We're doing some major juggling here, trying to coordinate mirror sites, dedicated servers, and still making sure the game is going to be tight. Here's our projected schedule:

    Tuesday: Bombard the news sites and let everyone know there's blood in the water now
    Wednesday: Finish installer, run final tests, finalize mirror sites (I like that word "final")
    Thursday-Sunday: I have to be honest with you guys. This is our grace period. If something goes awry, we've got the extra time to fix it and still be on schedule. YES, that means you might get WHL early. But it's a BIG -might-.
    MUTANT MONDAY: As Bruce Campbell says, "Come get some!"
    Wednesday: Linux port release date for all you people running servers!

With this good news comes some sad news as well. Gaist, who's been the Number Two to my Dr. Evil since this whole mess started, who at times has stopped ME from quitting, has been hit hard by Real Life. I'm not going to recount the details, it's his own business - I'm taking a chance as it is writing this much. He's been a true friend through all this mess, and I think he'd feel a little better if you guys could just do the little you can for him. Stay with us, make sure that when Wasteland gets released all this work won't go unheard, unseen, and unsung.


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