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It's Out!!!
Author: Adam Schwaninger
Wed Apr 12 00:00:00 UTC 2000

Wasteland Half-Life Beta 1.0 (The Demo) is finally done!!! Click on the "Dloads" link to the left to find the closest, fastest, mirror site for you!

As we get dedicated servers, we'll be posting the IP addresses of the ones we know about on the left sidebar under the vote area.

Thanks go out to you guys, the real fans, checking the forums daily, drooling over every drop of WHL-related info you could get out of us these long 8 months. Well, your wait is over!!! Go play it!!!

AND... If you're still here, Team WHL (at least those who aren't sick with tonsilitis) will be hanging around on IRC tomorrow, 4/13/00, at 8pm EST. Come chat with us on gamesnet on channel #wasteland.


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