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Author: Adam Schwaninger
Fri Apr 14 00:00:00 UTC 2000

IMPORTANT! Set your fps_modem and fps_lan to 60 at most! It is a main contributor to server crashes.
WOW! The response has been amazingly positive and overwhelming! Apparently quite a few of you were waiting for this mod, and I'm glad that so many of you liked it! I do some concerns I have to pass on though.

    Overflow Errors: The overflows many of you experienced last night were probably due to the pretty, but processing-expensive bullet effects. We've got it licked now and present a BETA 1.01 upgrade, available from the Downloads page! Oh, this also fixes two incorrectly mixed sounds as well as making empty dropped weapons disappear.
    Armor: The kevlar vest DOES work, it just doesn't give you armor "points". Instead, it works by reducing damage by a set multiplier when you're shot in the chest or abdomen. For the beta, kevlar lasts until you die.
    Teamplay: I STRONGLY suggest against setting up a Teamplay server - We were originally planning to include basic teamplay, until we found that the new damage system didn't recognize the difference between "friend" and "enemy". If there's no option for FF, then the sheer amount of retaliation for simple missed shots that hit a teammate will degenerate into Deathmatch anyway. So, I made a decision to leave Teams out until we could do it right. What this means for you, the server op, is that you might not be able to set mp_teamplay back to 0. It was a wierd bug we learned about last night, but the solution is to go into HL and start a listen server without Teamplay, then restart the dedicated. It should work then.

Again, I'd like to thank all of you for making these past 2 days a wonderful reward for the months of work we spent on WHL. Keep watching here to keep up to date on WHL's status! For a list of bugs and their progress, check out the WHL bug report.

UPDATE: The Mapping .FGD is now available! Grab it!


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