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Wasteland HL has been named Mod of the Week by Planet Half-Life
Author: Adam Schwaninger
Tue Apr 25 00:00:00 UTC 2000

We're on Planet Half-Life! Wasteland has been named Mod of the Week, plus there's a rather wordy interview with me, the Admiral. I'd really like to apologize for the lack of servers. It's not fair to the team, working so hard and then see people unable to play with this game we've all shared in. It's hard for you guys, who've waited an eternity for this mod, finally get it, and then not be able to play it at will. I think it sucks as much as you guys do, but this is one thing we can influence. When you go to bed, just set your PC up as a server, it might be laggier than the average OC-3, yeah, but it's an opportunity for others to play and spread the word about how cool this mod is! Plus, I'll be updating the votes more regularly now - there are some rather important questions asked there so make your vote count!


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