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Wasteland Half-Life Beta 1.2 has been upgraded to Beta 2
Author: Adam Schwaninger
Thu May 4 00:00:00 UTC 2000

Wasteland 1.2 has been upgraded to the status of Beta 2. The reason? Moreso then mere bugfixes, we've completely overhauled the HUD, added in TEAMPLAY, and polished up some new tools of destruction for ya :) Sit back are relax on the forums-- The next wave of atomics will hit fairly soon. On that note, we are seeking more folks interested in running dedicated servers, especially now that it is guaranteed NOT to crash. It sucks for those who wait an eternity for this mod, finally get it, and then not be able to play it at will. I think it sucks as much as you guys do, but this is one thing we can influence. When you go to bed, just set your PC up as a server, it might be laggier than the average OC-3, yeah, but it's an opportunity for others to play. Give a warm welcome to NesQuik, who will be taking over as the full-time WHL programmer. From what I've seen so far, the next update will be a LOT more than a simple bug fix. Here's a tidbit - the Handcannon will be making an appearance in the next version! It fires high-velocity rifle bullets and will ruin anyone's day...

Next, a word about those nagging BUGS. We've narrowed them down to "wierd resolution problems", "funky software mode problems", "cranky Linux ports", and "sorry, it's just your particular setup" bugs. A quick checklist to minimize crashes and unpleasantness:

    Ensure your resolution is 640x480 or greater! WHL's sprites don't work right or at all with resolutions less than 640x480!
    Make sure that mp_weaponstay is OFF! Otherwise you'll be unable to drop weapons, and akimbo pistols won't equip properly.
    The liblist.gam SHOULD have the line: gamedll_linux "dlls/" underneath the gamedll line. I'd keep one file with and one without this line until everyone switches over, otherwise you won't be let in. BUT, this should solve some Linux problems, and it will be corrected for the next release.


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