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Wasteland Half-Life Beta 2 Progress Report
Author: 'Gaist Heidegger'
Wed Oct 11 00:00:00 UTC 2000

Yet again we've managed to whip up some more goodness into our neverending quest for immerseful details. Now every character has their own style of fighting, most visible through their usage of akimbo weapons-- while the Wanderer may elect to fire from the hip during a gunfight, you'll find dieter contently shooting hand over hand for that extra bit of nastiness. What does this mean? It means unique animations per character, ladies and gents. Tasty stuff. See this thread in our forums for dieter in action.

The akimbo code has been improved drastically from what you saw in beta 1, and it shows quite evidently when you're playing. Gone are the times when you scroll through weapons to find what you want-- now it's a matter of a keystroke to alternate your armaments. Be vultures hovering over the forums, for the wastes have plenty of juicy carrion to be found there. Check out Clan Zone for some of the best Wasteland material we've released-- they've got the renderings of our player models up.


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