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Wasteland Half-Life Press Release (12.03.00)
Author: 'Gaist Heidegger'
Sun Dec 3 00:00:00 UTC 2000

Official Press Release: 12.3.00
For Immediate release: Wasteland Half-Life version 2.0 is slated for release Friday, December 8th, 2000.

Wasteland 2.0 Specs:

Understand that 2.0 is a partial release intended to allow players to grow familiar with weapons, as well as experience some of the finest DM they've ever seen. 2.0 contains only DM maps and DM itself, and 2.5 will show the completed stage of beta 2, which will entail an additional chunk of maps, as well as -all- of the scenarios, team play et cetera. We can't stress this enough: Do not download this with the mindset of judging the scenario game play; this is purely a final whim from an overwhelmingly eager community. 2.0 is still quite impressive out of its sheer depth, and we encourage potential clans to still work with it in the mindset of practice. Additionally, several DM versions of scenario maps are also included, to help gain a feel for their final form. 2.5 will be released as soon as we finish fine-tuning the team play and scenario's. See below for more specifics.

Wasteland 2.0, more aptly WHLDM, includes:

    6 Characters
    A total of 28 usable 'weapons'
    Full combat system
    Completely new sound scheme
    Massively expanded animations
    Customizable, full color HUD- animatable too.
    12 maps
    Completely rebuilt code from beta 1
    Lag compensation & compliance code
    Our own additional anti-lag adjustments, from parsing to delivery, to help ensure an equal battleground among all combatants.
    Completely redone skins & models
    Advanced player animations including visible pain and reloading, as well as character-based styles of combat
    New weapons from beta 1: FN Fal, Beretta, Spears, Pipe bomb
    Beautifully done massive texture work
    One touch Mixed Akimbo system
    Adjustments to the acclaimed damage model
    Quadrupled capacity for ricochet; no more generic sounds!
    Tripled material types of the half-life engine
    Versatile weapons: Pistol whip, aim, and much more!
    Progressive zooming, smooth and effective.
    Some of the most immersive firefights you'll ever experience
    Fine tuned balancing: Practice with a weapon, and continue to prosper with it
    Hear equipment rattle, players breath, screaming players plummeting to their death, footsteps for every occasion- four times the original capacity of the half-life engine, and more!
    Client Side Dynamic lighting and bullet effects during firefights!
    Rewarding recognition: Learning the maps can make a difference with far more impact then knowing where the gear is located.
    Intricate animations: No more swinging everything as if it were a crowbar; smash foes with a powerful two handed swing of the sledgehammer, slice into them with a skillful twirl of the katana, or send them in the air with a hearty thrust of the spear.
    With limited ammo, combatants make every shot count
    War across the apocalyptic landscapes, from the Bronx of a ruined city, to the desert of a plane's crash site and beyond.


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