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Hotfix for Wasteland Half-Life Beta 2
Author: Adam Schwaninger
Wed Jan 3 00:00:00 UTC 2001

Hey all! The WHL team decided to take some time off for the holidays, so no 2.1 yet. Blonde's PC decided to crap out on him, so it's not like we could have finished it anyway. Just to show we know how anxious you all are, we've put together a quick little server update for you. You can get it by following the links on the left sidebar, on the Downloads Page, or by clicking on the links below this news update.

THIS IS NOT BETA 2.1!!! It isn't even a necessary update to continue enjoying WHL - the few code changes are all server-side. But, we recommend downloading this smallish update anyway because:

    Ammunition amounts have been lowered - MP-5 is much better without tons of ammo
    Single Colt is now semi-automatic like the other single pistols
    3rd person reloads added for single colt and beretta
    You can choose AKIMBO WEAPONS from the spawn menus (note that if you do not download the update, and you connect to a server running the updated version, you may not get the exact weapons you picked. A new titles.txt is included in the update, but if you don't feel like getting it, you can still get the titles.txt HERE.
    Sprites have been updated to make WHL a better experience on low resolutions, as well as fixing some ammo readout bugs. Thanks to Kissel who made a lot of changes on his own time! He has new laser sights and crosshairs as well, which we may release in a separate package.
    Spear sounds renamed to work with B2.0 (thanks Kissel), beretta sounds remixed, colt reload sound added
    Certain models have been reskinned, particularly the 3rd person pistols, which were still using the development skins. Whoops! Thanks again to Kissel who made the changes!
    "Zoom Bug" with FNFAL and G-11 fixed

WHL Beta 2.0 Upgrade : .EXE
WHL Beta 2.0 Upgrade : .ZIP


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