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30 New Screenshots and a Progress Update
Author: 'Gaist Heidegger'
Sat Jan 20 00:00:00 UTC 2001

Got a nice little surprise for ya this time folks! 30 brand new screens on the screenshot page! They include various action shots, 2.1, as well as even 2.5 shots. Also included is a screen with the throwing knife in action. Speaking of which, be sure to check out the weapons page, which has been updated as well. With that said, I'd like to clear something up that seems to have caused some confusion; We are in fact the first mod with animated p_models, being the models for the weapons you see in a player's hands, we've got some that actually move now. Some CS players seem to have thought we were claiming to be the first with visible reloading, which isn't the case. However, fire the handcannon, and the slide will actually kick back on the model. That kind of stuff.

Progress is going well, I have now changed the meters above to reflect 2.5's status. We are skipping 2.1 in favor of focusing on 2.5, and have finished the extent of our DM portion; 4 gameplay modes, votable from within the game, and can be changed if folks grow bored of one style of play. A screen of this voting system is among the new screenshots. Furthermore, 2.5's big focus is full blown teamplay; Multiple teams, stringed objectives (complete objective A & B then proceed to C, etc.) all of which are mapper definable. We'll be updating the mapping guide shortly to help cater to the ever increasing number of new entities and variables we're adding. What does all this mean to someone who isn't mapping saavy? It means a hell of a great fight, with you and your team mates performing far more then a single simple task in order to succeed. It's a blast folks, and well worth the wait. :)


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