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Weapons progress
Author: 'Gaist Heidegger'
Mon Sep 3 00:00:00 UTC 2001

Some of you would not believe the kind of things we're suddenly accomplishing, as a great many of us can't as of yet. Blonde has completed a mapper's toolbox of new entities and upgrades to old entities the likes of which have never been seen in a mod, and it's absolutely awesome. While I can't garnish too many details for public consumption as of yet, I will give you this example: Imagine firing up a control panel in a base, and gaining control of four ceiling-mounted sentry guns simultaneously...

Conceptualization, modelling, and animating continues to shine relentlessly. We've now geared it fully so that any weapon with the appropriate capabilities (i.e. having a buttstock) will be automatically raised and braced against your shoulder when crouching, to help further the visualization that you are indeed aiming better. Note that the accuracy will, obviously, be upped moreso for weapons that can actually brace then those that cannot.

Remodelled hunting rifle is now available to look over in the arsenal section, and soon the new SMG will be as well. Keep the faith folks; we're nearing the last leg of our preparations, and then the bombs drop. Next build begins our teamplay test phase, and when we're all said and done with that, beta 3 comes out.


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