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The Wastes RC1 Released
Author: Josh Coyne
Tue Jun 3 00:00:00 UTC 2003


I think this is the longest time there has ever been between news posts. But... Wasteland HL, after so effing long, is finally done! I am updating the download section as we speak and will be adding new mirrors as I upload the file. To be blunt; this probably isnt the WHL (or TW or whatever you wish to call it) you guys have been expecting. The release notes actually go in pretty big detail; but I suppose this was a long time coming. Its not that the build is buggy, I think i did an okay job of making it stable. It is just incomplete in spots, and makes the mod fairly rough around the edges. I will try to get a community update support thing going, wether it be a bug tracker or similar, and if there is a big splurge of input I may try to fix those bugs.

Onto the source code: I'm gonna try to pack up the code into a GPL form, to both be open source, and to protect the intellectual property that binds this mod together. I figure I would offer my code up as a learning experience so others can get ideas for their projects, but under GPL I do not have to worry about blatant stealing; or if there is, I'll give Stallman a call :) expect a GPL version of the source up later this week sometime, maybe not; it really depends on my time which is o so limited.


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