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The Wastes RC1.4 Released
Author: Josh Coyne
Thu Jul 3 00:00:00 UTC 2003

The Wastes RC1.4 has been released. Most of the fixes are balance tweaks based on input from the team members and the community at large, so hopefully you guys will have more fun with the new weapon updates. The only major "fix" is for now 3rd person laser beams are removed, so for now network saturation problems are eliminated but mainly from feature removal. last but not least I do not intend for these releases to just be bugfixes. As I'm sure alot of you are aware this mod, while fun, cannot survive on Deathmatch alone. That is all I really want to say for now, and I hope the mod is stable and balanced enough now that I can work on adding now features and not refining old ones. Expect an important announcement very soon!


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