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Taste of The Wastes!
Author: Darin Ito
Fri May 21 00:00:00 UTC 2004

Hey there everyone! Here is our first of many new news posts containing all sorts of screenshot goodness for you fans to drool at!

These pics below are the new models made by our Modelista Masta KruddMan!

First off we have everyones favorite Gib-O-Matic the SLEDGE HAMMER!

Next is our own special Louisville Slugger with a little extra "insurance" to ensure that nobody screams CORK!

It Slices! It Dices! It makes Heads Fly! Lets give it up for the KATANA!

Ever wanted to be able to see if you can knock an apple off of a friends head with a knife just like in those Circus shows? Well now you can with the new and improved Cobalt brand throwing knives!

A mad barber has left our favorite mohawk toting badass a bit lightheaded. Now hes back with a vengance for his fallen follicles! Beware of the Glare!

And last but not least our classic Colt .45s have gotten a facelift Kruddman style!



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