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News in the Wasteland
Author: 'Gaist Heidegger'
Fri Dec 3 00:00:00 UTC 2004

The site is up and running, both behind the scenes and before them, and the first chapter of the story is now up. You can access this via the buttons on the PDA to the left. If you're here, you're probably interested in the nitty gritty details of round two for Wasteland Half-life--- so I'll share some with you to whett your appetite.

Our first order of business and plan is to bring to Half-Life 2 solid and intense deathmatch, the core of our first swing at the mod, and release it in a relatively short time-span. We already have a considerable leg up on this task, and far prior to this site becoming public for your perusal, we'd been hard at work hammering out the vehicle for your wasteland firefights. This initial release could partially be considered WHL: Source, as one way of looking at it, though new additions have been made to the arsenal and cast for such, and the maps included are being done from the ground up- both new locales and a return of old favorites.

We are excited about the prospects of working with steam in conjunction with our plans for content release, and with this engine can conceivably provide new weaponry, gear, and gameplay on a regular basis to those playing. Our team is fast at work forging a path into the exciting new potential of the engine, and the results are simply fantastic. To say the least, I have no doubt you'll be drooling once you see some of the stuff we're pulling off with source.

A subject many are concerned about, and had been with Wasteland on the first half-life, is teamplay. You can rest assured that it will verymuch happen, and soon, this time around. We like to keep a good number of things a surprise, but I will say that gang warfare is in the official design doc, with territory/resource control through the course of a number of maps, some interconnected. We are also investigating the potential for persistance for a player between servers-- statistics, notoriety, and soforth, via tools we are working on as well.

There are many ambitions, and we are confident in all of them. The team is quite organized, motivated, and eager to bring to all of you fans of the post apocalyptic genre, be your favorite Fallout, Mad Max, or even Rutger Hauer material- the envigorating carnage and fun as before, and many new forms of play, all to provide many means of enjoying the setting we're endeavoring to make that much more immersive this time around.

I encourage you to pop into the forums, or feel free to e-mail me, with any questions, ponderments and soforth. It's going to be a fun ride- and it's going to come together sooner then you think!


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