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New news for all you hungry wastelanders! Triple Threat Update!
Author: Darin Ito
Thu Nov 17 00:00:00 UTC 2005

It`s that time again! Ok this week The Wastes: Source team is happy to present you with a triple update of goodies!

First on the list in the "Gear" section of the page we have the new SLEDGE HAMMER! I know theres been a lot of you forum freaks raging on about "WHARS MAH SLEDGE?!!!11" well now here it is! Enjoy!

Next we have 2 "work in progress" pics of an old-school favorite, with a slight facelift, our very own MG PALMER is happy to present you with TW_MAHLSTROM. Visit the Images section of the webpage to access the new screen shots! Pleaes do keep in mind that since these are WIP pics that they are subject to change when the final version is released in TW:S RC1.

Last on our list can be found in the Images section of the homepage. There you will find a picture of Pyroquantre our mapping madman, who is going to be the concept character if you will, of Kruddman`s new player model for TW:S RC1.

Well thats it for now! Also please do execuse me if this news update sounds a bit shoddy, writing at 3:32 am with little sleep will do this to ones news post.

In anycase enjoy~!


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