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The Wastes 1.01 Patch Notes
Author: Marco Cawthorne
Fri Apr 13 18:00:00 UTC 2018

Hey everybody!

The first day of release went pretty well! We’ve already been working on adding in some improvements that you have suggested.

    Pushed the first version of the SDK files
    Fast-switching by default, due to the intense gunplay
    Tweaked melee weapon damage and range (increased)
    Made the team-score counter more readable
    Increased the lifetime of the chat-window from 4 to 8 seconds
    Opposing team-members will show up in red when they’re inside a car, team-mates remain green
    Improvements to team-switching, in both functionality and visual feedback
    Improvements to movement prediction involving several map entities
    Akimbo weapons now alternate on Primary-Fire, with Secondary replacing the Tertiary
    Changed the default of sv_reloadstyle to 1 due to popular demand
    Added in the mouse sensitivity option in the Controls menu that we overlooked
    Temporarily disabled ambient sounds because they were clearly too much on maps like ramshackle and vats.
    Toned car bounce down a bit
    Fixed a shader typo with the 556 ammo
    Fixed hand-skins disappearing after video-settings have been changed/applied
    Fixed clamping of 2D graphics in the menu and HUD
    Fixed not being able to issue ‘kill’ when spawning
    Fixed HUD style/colors not saving before quitting the game
    Fixed the bug in which mixed akimbos didn’t display properly

Hope you’re enjoying it so far. We’re working on refining some of the above features even more, but that takes a bit more time! A few of you found the cars to be a little too over-the-top and that some think you shouldn’t be able to push them around as much… while we found it funny and fitting at first, we can see where you are coming from.

Regarding the map RAMSHACKLE, there is a drastic change to that map coming. Vehicles were originally not part of the original map design, that was us experimenting and it didn’t work even in the last weeks of testing for us personally. However we weren’t sure whether or not spending the time on cutting it down was justified for the initial release. The map is just too big for normal gameplay and too detailed for a vehicle map. So for now we’ve removed Ramshackle from the official server rotation while that’s being addressed.


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