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The Wastes 1.05 Patch Notes
Author: Marco Cawthorne
Thu May 17 18:00:00 UTC 2018

Hey there, we just pushed Patch 1.05! It includes fixes, and most important some new weapon-balancing tweaks. We’re looking forward to playing with all of you and trying out this new set of changes.

    Attempting to mitigate the death-counter overflow (needs loads of testing due to funky VM behaviour)
    Pistol damage has been recalculated completely, more buff and balance across the board
    Several other weapons have been tweaked according to a new, internal DPS table
    Fixed the grenade-cooking bug when sprinting
    Fixed the grenade-exploding bug when switching from primary to secondary fire
    Fixed the hud settings not saving after quitting the game
    Lots of other tiny things to prepare for 1.1 and fixes

Now, we’ve been EXTREMELY busy working on 1.1. That’s going to be the first big update. It’ll introduce a whole bunch of crazy new features and visuals - but most importantly polish across the whole board.

We’ve also been doing some internal roadmapping towards the other updates. May I spoil that we might have some promising ideas for a Singleplayer? I think so!

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