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Update 1.3 - Here's what we've been up to!
Author: Maxwell Bunch
Fri Mar 6 06:55:00 UTC 2020

Greetings, Wastelander.

You may be wondering where's the new 1.3 update for The Wastes and well... We have to come clean.

The Wastes 1.3 is still coming, but it will not be coming at the end of last year. Yeah... better late than never...

Due to technical issues, 1.3 had to be delayed, but this does mean you can expect more to come with this latest update.

However, we are not comfortable with announcing a new release date at this current time.

That's not stopping us from telling you guys some more juicy details about what to come in the wasteland.

New Feature: Mission Editor


Build single player & cooperative scenarios to battle on the wasteland.

While this is our current offerings for single player content, we're still open to future possibilities.

New Map: Oil Rig


These fossil fuels have long since dried up...

Revamped Map: Ramshackle


Ramshackle has seen many facelifts throughout its life and we feel we've greatly improved the map with this new version!

Various visual overhauls and a few layout changes have been done to the map since the version in 1.2.

New Gamemode: Team Anarchy

You asked for it and we delivered it. Classic free-for-all team based combat.

But more importantly...

New Feature: ICE support powered by Frag-Net

With ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) it is now possible to connect to other players' lobbies without the need to port forward your router.

But there's still more to come in The Wastes 1.3...


Remember... Everything above is subject to change.

We are listening! Please voice your feedback!

Join us on The Wastes' IRC: #wastes

We hope to see you soon on the wasteland, but until then...
Keep on fragging!
~ Vera Visions & Cobalt-57


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