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Links is now back online!
Author: Maxwell Bunch
Fri Mar 17 00:50:59 UTC 2023

We have revived the original web domain for The Wastes!

I personally took the time to restore as many news posts as was able to crawl throughout The Wastes' 20+ years.

If you see anything amiss, have any of the missing files, or have anything backed up relating to Wasteland Half-Life, The Wastes, Dead Cities, and/or anything TW related in-between, shoot me a line at "maxwell (at)" and I can take care of it and get it archived.

The Gallery and Atlas are still yet to be setup; the latter in which had never been setup by the original team either. We need to find a way to streamline and automate the Gallery to make maintenance a breeze.

Sometime in the near future you should see Barter Town and the webpage for Dead Cities come back online. We'll post about it when they're live again.

We may also look into restoring several eras of the site as sub-domains that act as "skins" for the main website, but this little pet project has already been a huge undertaking as it is!

Until then, we're running a 75% off sale on The Wastes from March 16th, 2023 to March 23rd, 2023 to correspond with the Steam Spring Sale. Consider picking up a copy... or two... or a few...



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